While the USA is celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October, phishing attacks are up by 43% in South Africa.

South Africa is the second most targeted country globally for Internet fraud and phishing attacks. South Africans are still very vulnerable and certainly behind the Internet trend of highlighting ways to fight cyber crime and identifying who are real users you can trust and who are not.

ThisIsMe, South Africa’s first online identification and verification authority, recently launched to businesses, and clearly distinguishes legitimate users from false personas. “Getting South Africans verified through ThisIsMe, is the only way to be sure that we are dealing with actual, legitimate people. In the online world, protecting oneself by taking ownership of one’s identity is a trend that is fast becoming a necessity,” comments Mark Chirnside, CEO of ThisIsMe, at the recent launch. See Business Launch Video which also showcases Jeannie D’s recent experience with her online persona being misrepresented on Facebook.

“With the evolution of identity, end user controlled identity management is imperative to the future of online persona control. When signing up with ThisIsMe, every interaction between a third party and the user, is USER approved; every interaction between a third party and the user is logged; only your status is open to a third party, but that is logged and every approval can be revoked, “ stated Mark.

About ThisIsMe
ThisIsMe is a third party online identification and verification authority and is the brainchild of a team who believe that authenticating and verifying South Africans is the start of a mature and responsible Internet of the future. ThisIsMe authenticates and verifies individual’s real online identity, enabling the individual to transact online in the knowledge that others interacting with them are confident in their online persona. Equally, they will know that the individual they are meeting with, selling to, buying from and engaging with is real and can be traced in the event of a problem (subject to law). www.thisisme.com

ThisIsMe is proud to be associated with the Momentum Cricket Sixes Invitational and will be attending the event this weekend in Johannesburg. Event details.

Source: Phishield.

For more information, please contact Cheridan Inglis at Touch on pr@touchdigital.co.za