ThisIsMe announces Fincapital partnership, highlighting the appetite of financial institutions to truly verify their client bases.

Since the launch of ThisIsMe at the end of September, it has continued to go from strength to strength by building their merchant partnerships. With Fincapital Pty Ltd now on board, this clearly shows the need for ThisIsMe’s offering to both merchants and end users alike.

“By partnering with ThisIsMe, Fincapital clearly shows their commitment to being leaders in their industry as they recognise the need to verify and protect their clients online in the South African marketplace,” comments Mark Chirnside, CEO of ThisIsMe. “Getting online South Africans verified through ThisIsMe, is the only way to be sure that as businesses and clients alike, we are dealing with actual, legitimate people.”

Llewelyn Morkel, CEO of ProMobile Technologies Pty Ltd, and pioneer of this partnership on behalf of Fincapital, believes “the importance of knowing your customers in today’s marketplace, is absolutely key for not only protecting their personal information, but assisting in increasing our already high standards of customer service. ThisIsMe’s offering is exactly what we have been looking for to compliment our services, and we look forward to a very successful partnership.”

About ThisIsMe
ThisIsMe is a third party online identification and verification authority and is the brainchild of a team who believe that authenticating and verifying South Africans is the start of a mature and responsible Internet of the future. ThisIsMe authenticates and verifies individual’s real online identity, enabling the individual to transact online in the knowledge that others interacting with them are confident in their online persona. Equally, they will know that the individual they are meeting with, selling to, buying from and engaging with is real and can be traced in the event of a problem (subject to law). www.thisisme.com

About Fincapital Pty Ltd
Fincapital is a leader in the creation of wealth for its stakeholders and partners by enabling small businesses to be created by means of shared resources and technology that assists field agents to gather interested parties that procure products and services from Fincapital Pty Ltd. These field marketers are able to generate an income and thereby reduces poverty in South Africa. To discover more, please visit www.fincapital.co.za

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