eCommerce Africa Confex:
How important is it for a business to really know their customers?

“According to a research report analyst firm Gleanster and Yesmail Interactive, only 20% of marketers know their customers. Eighty percent of companies rely primarily on basic customer profile information and purchase history to structure marketing campaigns,” states Mark Chirnside, CEO of ThisIsMe.

The online world has not enhanced customer data as expected as so many websites still only ask for a name, email address and password to register, if that. Business and marketing decisions are being made when fundamental insights into customer information is missing. Businesses know how important this information is, but who is doing something about accurate and comprehensive customer data that is validated?

ThisisMe, South Africa’s most innovative start-up of late, is doing just that. Partnering with ThisIsMe assists businesses to truly know their customers/users and integrates into publisher, ecommerce, classified, auction, property, dating, betting and banking sites and apps, to create a trusted and verified SA. “Getting online South Africans verified through ThisIsMe, is the only way to be sure that as businesses and clients alike, we are dealing with actual, legitimate people,” continues Mark.

A ThisIsMe registered and authenticated account is entirely controlled by the customer/user. With the evolution of identity, end user control identity management is imperative to the future of online persona control. When customers/users sign up with ThisIsMe, every interaction between a third party and the user is approved, every interaction between a third party and the user is logged, placing the business in an advantageous position of being at the forefront of customer opt in information.

About ThisIsMe
ThisIsMe is a trusted independent authority that verifies and authenticates South African individuals online. ThisIsMe launched to businesses in September 2014 and has signed up a number of merchants, including the Fincapital group. www.thisisme.com

For more information please contact Cheridan Inglis at Touch on pr@touchdigital.co.za